Saturday, 9 July 2011

Pre Departure Day

As we all met at Capron House Sixth Form block for the bag packing, team talk, team photo outside of Cafe Verdi (who have kindly given us some money to help with our project), distribution of safety kit and water puryfying liquid the nerves and excitement were high. So were the smiles....

Bizzle smiling proudly as she passes her bag check
To give you some idea of how much (or little) stuff we are taking, below is a selection of contents from various bags, the first one is Harry's...

 After Molly and Josie got thier bags checked...

 We then took a trip to Cafe Verdi for our group shot. The team at Cafe Verdi in Midhurst High Street kindly donated money to help with the project part of our expedition. 

 Before I go and greet everyone again at the airport (Heathrow T3 at 8.30am 10.7.11) I wanted to share the photo of Tom with his new shorter hair do! 
 Night, Weeksey x


  1. Peter RussellJuly 10, 2011

    Hullo guys, just dropped the offspring off at Heathrow, and already feel the need to find out where they are? Go to and search by flight number (252) and you can see their flight progress across the map. :)

    Peter (Leah's dad)

  2. Found a better one -


  3. 嗨,大家好,(according to google translate, that is "Hi Guys" in chinese..because your in Hong Kong?, I guess you must be in Hong Kong now. Hope the flight was safe no turbulence. Got jet lag? Have fun over there, look forward to your new post! Liam :)

  4. Ben carterJuly 11, 2011

    I like Tom's new haircut! I never thought I would say it.

  5. Thanks guys, flight out to Hong Kong was very turbulence filled but the film choice made up for it. Sadly Biz's TV did not work, so 13 hours of sleep was on the cards. xxx