Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hanoi in a day

Hey all Harry and Alice here!

We begun a day in and around hanoi today it has been INSANELY hot today, nice and sweaty! We began day with breakfast, i started thinking that i would have a omlette but too my incredable dissapointment it came out as a fried egg !!!! we then decided that  we would go out, we split up into 3 groups, our transport,  accomadation and food,!  in our group we decided to eat in a great street vending cafe we ate errm well we dont know excatly what we ate was nice! there are many different veiws some say it was a snake others a bulls penis but i still thought nice, after that we did a bit of shopping, it was nice to wander arround the streets and take in all the sights, sounds and smell ! ohh vietnam or hanoi isnt the most clean smelling country, i would explain it but i cant! we then went to walk arround the local lake, ben was fighting all his demons whilest all the locals tryed to sell him cigarettes. we are back now in the hotel, all relaxing in steam rooms of our own sweat! we will try to keep you all posted but we are going out on our trek this will take us 8 days to walk 100 miles!!!!! we are sending our love home and missing all ! xxxxx   


  1. Bev CarterJuly 12, 2011

    Really glad to hear that you're getting into it, the heat / humidity sounds difficult but you'll all soon get used to it, I'm sure the rains are always welcomed. This week is now zooming by and we're all working hard but having fun. Enjoy the next phase of the adventure and can't wait to hear all about it, when you get back in the land of the internet. Here's to you all, love and hugs the Carters xxxxx

  2. Rhian ParryJuly 12, 2011

    Glad you've all arrived safe and sound. how much sleep did you get on the plane?? All the best for the treck, love and best wishes, the Parrys XXXX

  3. The King familyJuly 12, 2011

    Really glad that you have all arrived safely. Hope Paddy stopped talking long enough on the plane for you all to get some sleep!! Good luck on the trek we'll be thinking of you all. Lots of love Rick, Penny & Matt King xxxx

  4. Chiv'sJuly 12, 2011

    Good luck over the next 8 days guy's, we are all thinking of you and wishing you well.

  5. Glad you arrived safely. Sounds like you have had a good first day! Good luck for the trek tomorrow, will be thinking of you. Lots of Love, Karen, Graham and Charlotte xxxx (Hannah's family)

  6. Good to see you've arrived OK. How are you getting on with the people..any communication problems. The tracking is great it feels like we can see you wandering about. Good luck on the trek.
    [Hope you found the good luck charm I slipped in your sock Lauren!]

  7. Well done to Harry and Alice for blogging! Well done also to JW for already winning the bet (I said no-one but her would blog!!). It sounds brilliant.

    Maybe what you had to eat was just chicken?!! LOVE the tracker - hope it keeps working well so we can see where you are even if you can't blog it.

    Big trek and project ahead. Hope your clothes don't go too mouldy!

    Love from all at college x

  8. AnonymousJuly 12, 2011

    Really glad to hear you arrived! Good luck with the trek - will be thinking of you back here in chilly blighty!

    PS Happy Birthday Charlie

    Love the Casebow's and Bertie

  9. Wendy SchmidtJuly 13, 2011

    Hi All, and mummies little baby boy!!
    Glad you all arrived safely - its great fun looking at the "tracker" - i think you will only get this after your "great trek", so hope you all survive that and not too many blisters!
    Food sounds, umm interesting - think i know someone who will eat it though!!!
    Anyway, good luck with your project too, have fun and enjoy this most amazing experience!
    Take care, be safe and have fun!! - And thanks to all for keeping our little ones safe!!! ha,ha
    Just off for take aways Cam, will keep you some - pizzas!!
    big hug, love you, xxxxxx

  10. Roger NichollsJuly 14, 2011

    Hope that the trek's not too gruelling and that there are opportunities to enjoy the flora and fauna. Sounds very hot so keep the fluid intake up!!

  11. Alex SimsJuly 14, 2011

    SOUNDS AWESOME YOU GUYS!! No matter how daunting or crappy it gets just push through it and it will be the best trip of your life! Just look out for each other and stay safe. Missing you guys greatly especially Weeksy, Bizmate, Benny and Cam Cam! BIG LOVE FOR EVERYONE XXXXXX

  12. AnonymousJuly 14, 2011

    Hey! Chelsey here :)

    Glad your all having a brilliant time! Hope the trek is going well, can't wait to hear from you again :)


    A Special bonjour to Harry - Missing you lots