Monday, 18 July 2011

Our Luxorious Hotel!


  1. HEYY! This blog is easier to use and comment on then our india one, (dont tell Miss K i said that)
    Anyway, this message is for Cam cause we've been facebook him but had no reply! (i saw your brother yesterday in seven fish and he said he hasnt heard from you) - anyway, you may wanna check your facebook- Warrick wants you to get him a suit. Anywho, hopefully this trip is an oppotunity to lose weight because i was getting embarrassed to be seen with you, we are were. Shame your missing Ellie's Birthday we all wish you were here, and are missing you and hoping your having a lovely time and keeping safe. TURROCK MACTO <3 love and miss you AM.
    And to everyone else, hope your all having a good time and enjoying the experience!! -whats the weather like?
    Weeksy- I like your new trousers.
    Mumma B- Keep safe and hope your coping alright with Cam.

    Lots of love! Hayley xxx

  2. *facebooking

    My god im shocking, blame phillips.

  3. Wendy SchmidtJuly 27, 2011

    Hey halloo all intrepid travellers - and my baby Cam , of course, hope you are all well - photos look great - well done for completing the treak - hope the "BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER KWAI" is doing well!!!
    Thinking of you all, take care and enjoy the last couple of weeks - hugs to all, and a biggie for mummies little boy - Cammie, hope the legs are surviving in those shorts!!! love you and miss you xxxxxx fom us all, xxx