Tuesday, 19 July 2011

From the trekkers

Dear All

Weeksey here, have managed to get a laptop from a local with internet access at our current homestay so thought that I would try and give a quick update before the power fails. Alice and Jayne have been doing a great job keeping you up to date with the brief contact I have made with them.

We are near the end of our trek, tomorrow we will be getting a van and then completing the final 8kms to our project site, where finally Alice and Biz will meet up with us again. Spirits are high with this on the horizon.

We have seen some amazing things, and all personally achieved much. The walking has been epic, with the blisters and bruises to prove it. Each night Tom Battye has cared for feet, compeed dished out and talc applied.

All are doing well. Harry has a bad blister on his little toe, though is enjoying sitting in the hamock currently with the mountain views and paddy fields behind him. Leah and her knee are fine, Ben has blisters but the tape is good and none of us have had any dodgy tummies. I took another fall the other day and now have a matching bruise on the other thigh - photos will eventually be posted (I am fine Mum and Dad - I have discovered I bounce off concrete and mountain cliff faces quite well - the crutchless shorts sadly have died - after several gaffer taping events they got to a stage where they could not be saved)

All the students have been great, are experts at puryifying water, washing thier clothes, cleaning dishes,keeping thier part of the room tidy so there should be no excuses when they return to home.

The food - the food here has been really good, and all of us have tried things we would never have expected to. Rice is with every meal (lunch and dinner) and finished with fruit. Breakfast has either been banana pancake or bread and laughing cow cheese wedges. However, each of us has ended up talking about what food we want when we have our first meal at home - mine is Spag Bol please (hint hint Mum and Dad)

The dreams - the dreams we are all having are pretty vivid - those of us on the malaria tablets maladrone are having quite surreal dreams (a side effect of taking them) which has caused great amusement over breakfast when discussing if the things we thought happened really did. For example, according to Ben, Lauren got up in the middle of the night, sprayed herself with Repel 100, announced this to the group, and fell back to sleep. Lauren and the rest of us are still unsure if Ben dreamt this or if we all slept through it.

The messages from home really do help us out here. THANK YOU!!!

We send our love to you all and miss home, though Nam is pretty cool!!! After Death Mountain, there is a sense that nothing can not be achieved.

Love Weeksey xx


  1. Hello All in Vietnam,

    Sounds quite an adventure. Good to hear you're having such an exciting time without too many injuries!

    I've been checking the "Yellow Brick" most days and am convinced you should be able make a intersting pattern, come on guys, use your imagination!

    Not much to report at home, rain, rain, more rain etc, (No doubt the mention will bring a wry smile from Jane Kilpatrick and a comment of "southern softy" or worse.

    Leah, the rats are still in the right place and missing you!

    Hope your final trek goes well and the sun starts to shine,

    Thanks to Weeksey & Biz for updates.

    Love the Russells xxxx

  2. Lisa ChivertonJuly 20, 2011

    Hi All
    Hope you're not to sore and are really enjoying it out there. Following the tracker and hearing what you have been up to makes us feel closer to you, it's brilliant. Good luck with your last days trekking and with your project, can't wait to here all about it when you get back to some sort of civilization. Take care and love to all. xx

  3. Great to hear from those out on the trek. Sounds like it's going well. I'll be honest and admit to being disappointed at the loss of the shorts. I'll report back to SLT and we'll find something else to make us giggle. Your description of Harry in the hammock with the paddy fields behind him makes me jealous; the factthat you're about to start project even more so. Well done to everyone on getting through the trek. We're proud of you!

  4. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    It was great to hear from you and to know all is well apart from bruises and blisters. Well done for the epic journey you have all undertaken so far and good luck with your project.
    Sad news about the shorts but I liked the comments about tidy rooms!!! Ofcourse Spag Bol will be on the menu. Thinking of you.
    M & D Weeksey xxxx

  5. Great to catch an update, Harry loves hammocks, but make sure he's not too comfortable in it and doesn't want to relinquish it! It sounds like you've had a really challenging week, however what an experience and you should all be proud of what you've achieved, we are! Take care and can't wait to see some photos and hear some more on the blog when you're back in the internet land - bet it's lovely to be remote - take care and keep smiling you lovely people xxxxxxx

  6. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011

    Hi all, sounds as though you are having an amazing time what an experience! Hope the last part of the trek goes well and the project is a success. It's been great to be able to follow your progress. Paddy hope your feet are surviving as seem to have found your orthotics in your bedroom!! Really proud of you and don't push Harry out of the hammock as we know how much you like to live in those.
    Lots of love to all and keep enjoying Rick & Penny (Dad and Mum)xxxx