Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Not much today

Not much to report today, Alice is feeling a mixture of fed-up, too hot, homesick and sore shoulder! My mummyness is not cutting it today. I have wash some more clothes, for both of us, in readiness for our move early on Thursday. I was on the balcony and spotted a flip flop seller down in the street so i hot footed it downstairs and chased her, well followed really, and we started a conversation about the fact that I need size 10 and she only has 8's. I spotted a rather attractive looking english guy and suggested that I might borrow his feet to measure the flip flops for Ben. He, and his girl friend, were more than willing to help ( I am sure they thought I was barking!) I purchased the said flip flops, having decided that 8's were better than nothing.
Alice and I then watched Amazing Joe Young, a film about a rather plastic looking Gorilla, it was ok. We then had french bread and cheese for lunch. Alice is writing postcards and if it stops raining we will walk across to the post box, on the other side of the lake.
Just tomorrow left before we can rejoin the group. I spoke to Battye last night, everyone is more or less ok, lots of aching limbs and scrapes etc but in quite good spirits. They are taking some kind of transport for the majority of the last bit of the trek as I beleive it is similar to Thursdays terrain. They are now calling the mountain, "Death Mountain"!
All for now, speak soon
Biz xxxx


  1. Roger NichollsJuly 19, 2011

    Good morning Vietnam! Song for the day "Almost There" or should that be "River Deep, Mountain High"? Anyway, it'll be great to hear how the trekkers are x

  2. Lisa ChivertonJuly 19, 2011

    Hope Alice isn't to fed up, I'm sure she'll feel better once you rejoin the group. It sound like it's been pretty hard going. Thinking of you all, take care and good luck with the project phase. xx

  3. Hello to Alice!! I know you must be feeling fed up (and so is Bizzles) but I PROMISE you'll love it once you get back to the group and stuck into the project. I'm going to miss checking into the blog and getting updates once you head off on Thursday! Give us some more photos in the meantime though!! That was how I amused myself when I was poorly sick in India and I understand now why people reading the blog encouraged me to keep posting them. I'm desperate to SEE where you are!!

    Keep smiling! You might be stuck in Hanoi, in the rain and the heat and all that but you're still in HANOI and I, for one, am jealous just of the fact that you are there!