Saturday, 30 July 2011

The bus and Hue

Sadly no purple bus from Harry Potter and thankfully no goats or wooden benches to sit on. Instead we were presented with a 40 bed coach  - yes that is correct a coach which had 40 beds on it, which included reclining seats and blankets. The only downside to the journey was the 15 hours it took to drive through some pretty poor thunderstorms with a driver who thought that the speed limit need not apply to him. Around 5am we had a member of the communist party get on the bus and check everything was ok before we finally arrived at Hue for about 10am. 

The hotel we are in is lovely and has a swimming pool, the best accomodation so far and we have not even reached the 3 star hotel yet. 

Today, after checking in we got on a boat and travelled down the Purfume River and visited temples, tombs and cultural sites. It was a great success and the food on the boat was good, especially in comparison to the bread and cheese triangles we had for tea the previous night on the sleeper bus. 

We are off to Hoi An in the morning and Harry is our leader. The bus has been booked, lunch organised and I am now off for a sleep in a bed!

Love to all, Weeksey x


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2011

    Hey guys,
    Good job on the project and deserved hotel. Unlucky about the hanoi bay thing, shame but at least u wont be in a typhoon....
    So much news on food and rice u guys sound like u need meat! Cam we have loads so its waiting.

    Cheers, good luck, much love!
    Warrick et al. x

  2. Just been having a peek at the itinerary and Hoi An sounds great. Tailors' shops (Sprinks! Don't make the mistake your brother made in India - for all our sakes! Lauren, please take charge if he looks as if he's going to order something ridiculous!!) and great food. Itinerary mentions cookery classes - anyone going to give it a go?

    Hope you have a good night's sleep ready for the "local bus" tomorrow!!


  3. This all sounds lovely ... and a bit of luxury too when most needed! Hope the rest of the trip is as good? Lots of love to everyone - The Hatches xxxx