Sunday, 12 June 2011


So, as I sit looking at the rain lashing it down, I was just wondering how many km's we are actually going to walk on our trek and after a bit of simple maths and counting on my fingers I added up that we will be trekking a total of 161kms or in mileage terms 100 MILES!!!!!

100 miles - wow! I really do hope you have all broken in your walking boots and have your plasters at the ready.

So, this then got me thinking to what type of conditions are we walking in... the sheet says jungle terrain, dirt roads and single tracks. With a bit of help from google I found the following image of one of the places we are going to be passing through and staying. (I think it looks rather nice)

We visit Kho Muong Village on day 4 of our trek and leave it on day 5. This is the day we will conquer hills!

Kho Muong Village

So, point of this entry - to remind you to break in your boots before we go and to pack some plasters for the blisters!

Night, Weeksey x


  1. Bev CarterJune 20, 2011

    Well, reading Jen's post certainly makes us realise that it's not long now to the amazing adventure which lies ahead and which I know Harry is looking forward to with trepedation, nervousness and excitement, how many emotions can one person experience at one time? At least we can say the jabs are done, if the visa not yet received back! Last minute shopping being done (backpack waterproof liner, we mustn't forget after speaking to Jayne today). I, as a parent too, am feeling all of the above and will anxiously await these blogs and, hopefully, make new friends along the way as we did when the last group experienced India. What an amazing experience for you all and I send my best wishes, love and hugs to everybody going. My top tip? Just sometimes stand and take it in, don't get the camera out but use your eyes, nose and ears, wow :)

  2. Nice words Bev, we will keep them close when it gets tough. I am experiencing all of the above too. Must go and check all my kit again!!