Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bag Packing...

In two weeks TODAY! We will be on that plane taking us to Nam. Am very excited now!

However, yesterday, a small group of us (Bizzle, Harry C, Ben and Cam and me) helped with a bit of bag packing at the local Budgens of Midhurst to help raise funds for the project and our trip. The proof is below!
 The morning was successful, no split bags, I learnt that you always keep frozen separate and bread always on the top. The boys were brilliant, answered questions from the shoppers, represented MRC wonderfully and were great company. Ben and Cam were on the ball after being at the Year 13 Prom the night before!

We managed to raise the grand sum of £141!!!!!! Not bad for 3 hours worth of work. Thank you to the locals of Midhurst for your kind donations. 

Speaking of bag packing, all of you now should have all you need for the trek and should be getting your bag packed ready for the 9 July. Currently, my stuff is all laid out in the second bedroom waiting to be transferred into the rucksack. 

Thanks to Biz, Harry, Cam and Ben for your hard work yesterday and to all who have helped us raise funds for this trip to date through selling refreshments, hosting quiz nights, writing to companies, organising own clothes day and more. I would also like to give a shout out to Balfour Beatty, Cafe Verdi, Budgens, SIG PLC, Midhurst Lions, Parents and the local community! We would not have been able to do it without you!

Night, Weeksey x

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