Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saigon again...

After an early start we headed to the Mekong once again to see the busier floating market, trade was happening and we had to move our boat through the masses of other tourist boats and actual traders. About half way through this, Harry, Cam, Paddy and Tom Battye boarded a trading boat and purchased pineapple as a mid morning snack. They all looked at home as this was carved up for them with a machette. 

We spent about two hours on the water this morning, briefly getting off to see a version of a garden centre, where seedlings were being prepared for trade and transportation. The Mekong was peaceful, with the exception of the churning engine from our boat and gave us a chance to get some fresh air before hitting the mini bus for the journey back to Saigon (only took about 4 hours with lunch in between)

We are now back in our hotel in Saigon and the 'food group' have gone out on a dinner finding mission - different roadside BBQ is available, though Biz and I might pass on the BBQ frog option  or stewed snake.
We are currently waiting for our room to be cleaned so seized the chance to blog.

Molly is in charge tomorrow and has great plans for us as we head in to the city part of Saigon (shopping of course is on the menu). In the morning we are catching a public bus and heading towards the War Museum, the Opera House, the old town market and Notre Dame Cathedral (not the one in Paris).

Will let you know how our last full day goes tomorrow before logging off from Nam as we head towards home on Monday afternoon. 

With best wishes

Biz and Weeksey xx


  1. Looking forward to your final 'Nam post.....some times this month has seemed to have flown by and other times it feels as though you have been gone for ever. Enjoy your last full day and can't wait to see you all at some ungodly hour Tuesday morning.
    Thought we would add to the songs with "Homeward Bound" (Simon & Garfunkel)
    "Mama,I'm coming home" (Ozzy Osbourne)
    "Ticket to Ride" (The Beatles - especially for you Leah!! x)
    "Leaving on a jetplane" (John Denver)
    "Your long journey home" (Robert Plant & Alison Krauss)
    and many many more........

    love from the Russells xxx

  2. Roger NichollsAugust 06, 2011

    Well Good Morning again Vietnam! so you've been on the water eh? that prompts a few thoughts about today's set list and we'll start pop pickers with an excellent anti-war song (as much anti-nuclear as anti'nam war) by Crosby Still & Nash from their first (& best) album, it's called "Wooden Ships" (wooden ships on the water floating free and easy). Was there "Smoke on the Water" by the way? Deep Purple's song for all budding riff players, a bit obvious I know! Hope the "Captain of Your Ship" (Reparata & the Delrons)was friendly by the way. Let's chuck in Paul McCartney's "Frog Chorus (We All Stand Together)" (Hi Scarlett) for all those BBQ'ed frogs that you mentioned and "Snake in the Grass" by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich.
    As you had a minibus I guess that you didn't pick it up at the "Bus Stop" (Hollies), but that's cool for tomorrow, and it actually doesn't sound very much like a "Magic Bus" but as that's a Who classic I'll include it anyway. Have fun!

    Love & Respect

    Roger Nicholls

  3. Roger NichollsAugust 06, 2011

    Good songs Nicky

  4. Bev CarterAugust 06, 2011

    Evening team, having just returned from a few days in the Gower (where there really is no internet or mobile phone coverage!), it's brilliant to catch up on what you've been up to, it all sounds very exciting and we're now getting excited to welcome you back on Tuesday morning. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures Harry and let me know your food preferences! Love and hugs The Carters xxx

  5. just to let you know mummatron if you check this again, managed to find a beatles tshirt mid-saigon today. hope youre proud, i am xxxx

  6. The floating markets sound really cool, especially the fresh pineapple chopped up with a machete! Enjoy the last day and the 3* hotel and try to sleep on the plane home. See you very soon, love the Parrys xxx

  7. Hi guys what a fantastic day you've had. Love the idea of pineapple for a mid morning snack not sure about the machete with Paddy about!! The first two weeks you were away seemed so slow but the last two have flown by.Really looking forward to seeing all the photos and hearing all the stories.

    Have a brilliant last day and a safe journey home and we'll be at the airport bleary eyed but awake enough to see.

    Lots of love
    The Kings x x xx x x

  8. Hi Weeksey Sounds like the last few days have been brilliant and you have all enjoyed yourselves. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures and see your photos. What fantastic memories you will have from what has been a real adventure. We love and miss you loads and look forward to seeing you at the airport with all the goodies. Take care and see you soon. Love M & D Weeksey xxxx